Meet again

Meet again

26. Januar 2020 0 Von erikaflickinger

In her visions he spoke to her!

We will come back

And since our homeland vote again

Where we were once sold,

Where we were murdered

And Drew us as a monster.

We will move in again

Into our forests

And the heritage,

Continue our ancestors.

Where we settle down again,

Will a change happen,

It will be fairy tales and lies

Redefined and deleted.

Where our ancestors

Suffered a bitter death,

We were hunted and wanted to wipe out,

We will be rediscover.

We appear again,

In the woods of our ancestors,

When the awareness of some less

Open to our power and magic.

We are ready,

Those who are soulmate us

To appear and share our powers.

Haven’t we always been to you

Been an invisible companion and strength animal?

We accompanied you…


Strength given…

And yet you deny us the habitat!

You have our name…

Our energy…

And used our reputation…

To Profile you…

You with our strength…

And Magic to decorate…

Around you shaman

Or to name magician.

You decorate your amulets,

Your walls and clothes,

With our appearance.

However, we didn’t want us alive.

Our Myth was welcome to you…

Our power has been used…

Our magic abused!

However, we should only live

In your decorated legends,

Without breath… without freedom

Our Magic power to give only to that,

Who understands them and uses them for the benefit of everyone.

We will rise again!

Only those will be close to us,

Who acknowledge our existence…

Perceive our love…

The essence of our magic

Breathing in your soul.

Our magical sounding reputation,

Will swing through the woods again.

But the melody of our soul

Only a few will understand in the heart.

Only those will be close to us,

From whose soul the call of the wolf sounds!

We’ll see you again!

© Erika Flickinger